In May 2017, the new majority Conservative administration at County Hall adopted a new Corporate Plan. This document embodies the manifesto commitments made during the local government elections in May 2017 and in the decisions taken since.

The Conservative-run council will seek to:

  • Create opportunities for all
  • Deliver economic growth and prosperity
  • Preserve our environment
  • Protect our community
  • Plan for our future needs
  • Provide sound financial management.

Cllr Dave Stewart, Council Leader said: “The plan is simply the direction of travel the council will take over the next four years to improve lives in our communities while balancing the books and using council taxpayers’ money wisely. A key aim is to increase trust and satisfaction in the council and its services.

“It covers a wide range of topics, but highlights are pledges to ensure all our schools are rated by Ofsted as good or better, that 5,000 more jobs are created on the Island and there is an 18 per cent increase in the average gross weekly wage.

“Our social care responsibilities are very important too and the corporate plan earmarks more people being cared for at home and at least 700 units of new extra care facilities made available for our elderly residents.

“This is an ambitious plan and it makes no excuses for being so. Some of the projects will be long term and some will require innovation, hard work and clear thinking to bring to fruition. But it is a clear set of priorities that everyone on the Island can look up at any time, and it’s a document that holds us to account for the manifesto pledges we made when we were voted into power.”