Conservative candidates for 2013 local elections announced

With two weeks until nominations close, the Island Conservatives have unveiled a team of 40 candidates, giving every voter on the Isle of Wight the opportunity to choose a Conservative councillor. This includes 17 sitting councillors and 23 new candidates. They are already working together for the benefit of the Island.

The team includes two candidates who have previously stood as independents (Wayne Whittle and Carol Bryan) but now recognise the benefits of working as part of a focused team.

Announcing the team of candidates, Alan Wells, Chairman of the IW Conservative Association said: “We are pleased to be giving every Island voter the opportunity to choose a Conservative councillor to represent them at County Hall. Our councillors have a strong track record of listening to the concerns of local residents, rolling up their sleeves and getting things done.

“Whilst each candidate is standing on their individual local credentials, they are also able to work together as part of a wider team, and in doing so give the Isle of Wight Council a clear direction. The majority of our candidates are already actively involved in their communities and have been campaigning on local issues for several months, and helping to get residents’ concerns resolved. By standing for election in May, they hope to do even more to help their local areas.

“Our candidates bring with them considerable professional and commercial experience. Several of them run their own Island-based businesses and are keen advocates for the local economy. We are also pleased to have some younger candidates, a number of whom have young families (with two very recent arrivals!) – helping to ensure that we have a better age range of councillors in the future.”

Cllr David Pugh, Leader of the IW Council and Conservative Group added: “Our team of candidates offer huge potential strength to the future of the council. I have been working with many of them over several months and it is clear that they have much to offer their local communities and also to contribute to our decision-making at County Hall.

“At a time when there are significant budgetary challenges to be addressed in the coming years, the council needs a clear political direction and a willingness of councillors to work together to make the necessary decisions. It is clear from this year’s budget setting process that only the Conservatives are prepared to do this whilst at the same time voting to keep council tax at the lowest possible level.

“The Conservative Team of candidates have a shared commitment to help Island households with the rising cost of living, and we will be strengthening our policies in this regard. We are also determined to continue maximising the savings in County Hall to release money to support the growth of our Island economy. Our full manifesto will be published in early April.”

The full list of candidates can be found by clicking here.