Conservatives gain Whippingham & Osborne

Stephen Hendry, the Conservative candidate, has won the by-election to elect a new Isle of Wight Councillor for the Whippingham & Osborne electoral division.

He secured 318 votes - giving him a 139 vote majority over his nearest rival (the Liberal Democrat with 179 votes). The other votes were distributed between two independents, a UKIP candidate and Labour (who came fourth). The full result is shown below:

  • Stephen Hendry (Conservative) - 318 votes (elected);
  • Julie Burridge (Liberal Democrat) - 179 votes;
  • Michael Paler (Independent) - 167 votes;
  • Luisa Hillard (Labour) - 141 votes;
  • Karen Lucioni (Island Independent Network) - 60 votes;
  • Rose Lynden-Bell (UKIP) - 41 votes.

The Conservative vote increased by 9 percentage points (from 26% to 35%).

For the last two elections (2013 and 2017) Whippingham & Osborne has been won by an independent candidate, so this represents a Conservative gain.

This result has also increased the number of Conservative seats on the Isle of Wight Council to 25 out of 40.

Stephen is already working hard for local residents, and is starting his work as the new councillor for Whippingham & Osborne straight away. More information about Stephen can be found by clicking here.