IW Council: 2013 election results

On Thursday 2nd May elections took place for the Isle of Wight Council. The Conservative Group went into the election with 24 out of 40 seats, and after the count had finished on Friday 3rd May, had won 15 seats (a net loss of 9 seats). A result the Conservatives lost control of the local authority.

For the full results of the IW Council election click here.

The make-up of the IW Council, following the election was: Conservatives: 15 seats; Independents: 15 seats; Other / Unknown: 5 seats; Labour: 2 seats; UKIP: 2 seats; Lib Dem: 1 seat. The following week, the 5 Other / Unknown joined with the 15 Independents to become a 20-strong Island Independents Group. They formed the ruling administration as a result.

The Conservative Group Leader is now Cllr Dave Stewart, with Cllr Richard Hollis as Deputy. Cllr Chris Whitehouse is Group Secretary. A full list of the Conservative Group members following the elections can be found here.