Working together for our Island's future

The Island Conservatives have published their full manifesto for the 2013 local elections, which every Island voter will have the opportunity to support on polling day.

The plans – Working Together For Our Island’s Future – have been developed by the 40-strong team of candidates, after listening to what residents and businesses have told them over the past few months.

The Island Conservatives are the only party or grouping to be offering a candidate in every part of the Isle of Wight, showing their commitment to serve the Island as a whole.

With two key themes – HELPING ISLAND HOUSEHOLDS and ENERGISING THE ECONOMY – the proposals come with a pledge: each is affordable and deliverable.

The plans will feature in the main election leaflets of all 40 candidates, which will be delivered to Island households over the next couple of weeks. These leaflets will also feature the priorities of each candidate for the local area in which they are seeking election.

Cllr David Pugh, Leader of the Isle of Wight Council said: “All 40 Conservative candidates have contributed to these plans, providing input based on the feedback they have received from residents and businesses.

“Most importantly, this cohesive and realistic set of plans will ensure the Isle of Wight Council continues to have a clear direction at a time when there are further financial challenges ahead. They also reflect our commitment to the Island as a whole, as this is the only election manifesto which every Island voter will have the opportunity to support in May’s elections.

“The Island Conservatives have a strong track record on council tax – including a freeze for the past three years – and only we can be trusted to keep any future rises to a minimum. This – along with other pledges – will ensure we help Island households meet the rising cost of living.

“We will also deliver further savings at County Hall; releasing funds to energise the economy and help secure inward investment. Our plans include a proposal to introduce a business rate-free period for start-ups in empty retail premises and a “buy local” campaign to strengthen the local take-up of the Island’s products and services.

“We are also making clear that many of these priorities will be delivered in partnership with other organisations and the private sector. This will help keep any ongoing costs to a minimum and ensure the Council continues to live within its limited means, whilst using our existing working relationship with government and other agencies to help secure additional funding.”

A copy of the full manifesto (A3 size) can be downloaded by clicking here.