No 2 AV

On Thursday 5th May 2011, a nationwide referendum took place about whether the Alternative Vote (AV) system should be adopted for future General Elections. The referendum was brought about following the formation of the Coalition Government, and the insistence by the Liberal Democrats that a referendum was held on whether to change from the long-standing First-Past-The-Post system to the Alternative Vote (AV) system.

The Island Conservatives led the campaign for a No Vote, arguing for the retention of the First-Past-The-Post system. This campaign was supported by some members of the local Labour Party. The Yes campaign locally was led by a number of Liberal Democrat activists.

Our campaign included holding street stalls, an advertisment in the County Press and a targeted mailing to all postal voters. This was supported by the national campaign and the distribution of campaign literature from the No 2 AV campaign.

The result of the referendum campaign was an overwhelmingly No Vote and rejection of the proposal to change to the AV system. 67.90% of those participating in the referendum nationally voted no. We are pleased to report that the No Vote was even stronger on the Isle of Wight, with 74.38% of those participating having voted no.

The Island Conservatives are delighted that this issue has been settled so decisively and look forward to the First-Past-The-Past system remaining in place for many years to come. It would also like to thank all those involved in helping to secure such a decisive No Vote on the Isle of Wight.

A copy of a No 2 AV campaign advert published in the Isle of Wight County Press can be viewed by clicking here (opens as a PDF in a new window).