Local Election Manifesto 2017

Our vision:
To ensure our Island is an inspiring place in which to grow up, work, live and enjoy retirement

To achieve our vision:
We will create opportunities for all
Better education is key to our future and our children’s future. We have pledged that all Island schools are rated good or better by Ofsted in four years. And in pursuit of even greater excellence, 25% will be outstanding.

  • ensuring all our schools are good and many achieve outstanding
  • enabling all our young people to fulfil their full potential
  • creating the opportunity for high quality training and apprenticeships
  • working to deliver full employment, especially for young people

We will deliver economic growth & prosperity
The best transport and infrastructure is vital to the Island and we will work with town and parish councils to review future needs. We are improving our call centre so people can speak to the council without waiting too long and have signed up to a package that will deliver faster broadband. Our Island is a unique and inspiring place but it must look after the vulnerable and give young people jobs and homes. Island Conservatives want to see real economic growth – that’s why we support apprenticeships and business development opportunities.

  • Developing our economy through a clear regeneration plan
  • Actively working with our business and tourism community
  • improving infrastructure, public transport & mainland connections
  • providing better broadband & contact centre communications

We will preserve our environment
Our Island is beautiful and we want it to stay that way. More cycle routes, grass verge cutting regimes to help wild flowers, sustainable housing and protection of our historic buildings are all pledges we have made to make our home even better.

  • protecting and nurturing the Island’s beauty and heritage
  • plan sensitively for the future needs of our Island community
  • undertaking a wide ranging and inclusive examination of our environment
  • improving opportunity for everyone to enjoy our unique surroundings

We will plan for our future needs
We’ll review the Island Plan and work to provide more well designed affordable houses for local people. We need small developments in sustainable locations while working with housing associations to shrink our housing waiting list.

  • reviewing the Island Planning Strategy to ensure it is fit for purpose
  • focus on providing affordable housing for our Islanders
  • ensure planning development is sensitive to local needs and concerns
  • make decisions that align with our economic regeneration requirements

We will protect our community
We know the safety of our Island community is a very important. Working with all our partners we will fulfil our duties to help ensure everyone can live a full and happy life in a safe and protective environment.

  • ensuring our health and social services are the best they can be
  • maintaining and supporting our police fire and ambulance services
  • properly engaging and working with our town and parish councils
  • focusing on community safety & protection of our most vulnerable

We will provide sound financial management
We have already set a budget that balances the books and offers real vision and leadership. We are committed to securing a viable long-term future for our Island and growing the local economy.

  • setting a lawful and balanced budget every year
  • working with our Island MP & Government for a better Island Deal
  • engaging with partners to maximise integrated working at all levels.
  • ensuring the most appropriate efficient and effective use of public funds and assets.

A council that works for everyone


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